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Soulful Sunday at Bouza Brewing

Beer Yoga is life.


Fast Twitch – video

A few month ago, I posted about the workout with Muscle Milk with some images and FINALLY my computer decided to work (after crashing tons of times) and video is ready to be watched! The entire workout was about 50 minutes long and here I offer you a 5 min of everything that happened that day.

Go Run Miami

The Running Store in the Heart of Brickell. The  Grand Opening happend on Saturday July 9th, it’s official! Stop by and check it out their selection of running shoes and gear.

120 SW 8th Street


TranscendMB 01.03.2016

According to our dictionary, Transcend:


1.to rise above or go beyond; overpass; exceed: to transcend the limits of thought; kindness transcends courtesy.
2.to outdo or exceed in excellence, elevation, extent, degree, etc.;surpass; excel.
3.Theology. (of the Deity) to be above and independent of (the universe,time, etc.).
In Miami, Transcend means Yoga.
Yes, the fabulous TranscendMia Yoga event happened  again! And  this time, Yogis were on the sands of Miami Beach, few days after the New Year’s intense celebrations.
Here is a short video from that magical morning few weeks ago. This was the best way to start 2016, It was wonderful!

YogArt Event


“YogArt  presented by Chȃteau d’Esclans and The Sacred Space Miami is a brand new monthly series taking place in the chic Palm Court of Miami’s Design District.  An extension of the popular YogArt during Art Basel and YogArt presents Buddhas & Bellinis during the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by FOOD & WINE, this new series will kick-off on October 28, 2015.  Led by South Florida’s own Dawn B, sessions will take place on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Doors open at 6pm, event begins at 6:30pm, 7:30pm class ends and healthy bites and drinks until 8pm.” by yogartevent.com – ( For more info please check the link:  http://www.yogartevent.com/#yogartdesigndistrict)

GoProGirl’s video from event:

Namaste – See you on next YogArt!

Miami’s Remote Run Club – RSF

I hope you all know where my words go…..(to this link right below)


Thanks for reading!

Halloween 2015


#LightMIAMIPink at New World Symphony -South Beach

About the event (information copied from Facebook)

— EBeauty.com, in partnership with the New World Symphony and American Cancer Society invite you to celebrate “PINK Yoga in the Park” in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month on October 3rd 2015. Get Your PINK On!! #LightMiamiPink and join us in Lighting Miami Pink at the Park of the Miami Beach Soundscape Park.— (for more information please,kindly  RE-directing to – https://www.facebook.com/events/1621844544749863/ )

All photos by me!












GoPro Time Lapse Driving around Miami

Hollywood Run Club – 2nd Anniversary

Just watch this ‘epicness’


RUNdezvous At the Park – Run South Florida Magazine

Fit 2 Run and the RUNdezvous at the Park once a month!


PAMM Invasion with BHSF Brickell Run Club

Every tuesday at 7 pm, if you live or work around Brickell, you know you will need some patience at that time of the day. Hundreds of runners get together for a 5k run for fun. It’s not a race but definitely feels like one. When you see the amount of ‘buddies’  taking over the streets of Brickell towards Downtown Miami, one might think – This is Insane! And I say, yes it is and it’s also great to be part of this ‘insanity’ for the past few years. Tuesday July 28th, BRC started as usual but it ended in a different place : The PAMM – Perez Art Museum Miami.

I do not want to talk about the invasion but I would like you to check these images and guess it for yourself.







Thank you Frankie Ruiz. It was a great party for the runners!

If you like to join the group, it’s free and you can find more info on facebook.com/brickellrunclub or @BrickellRunCLub

Summer Soulstice 2015

At the Miami Beach Botanical Garden for a Yoga Class on First Day of Summer.

Miami Summer 2015

Starting with another pool party  VUE Miami

Time Lapse Homemade Gnocchi – Nhoque Brasileiro

Run South Florida Magazine

Another article for the online magazine- RunSouthFlorida.com – Meet the Hero, Triathlete  Claudio Navas by GoProgirlMiami




CASAMIGOS Tequila presents – Tacos After Dark

sponsored by Smithfield

hosted by Aarón Sánchez at Loews Hotel Miami Beach. 02.19.15


We Run Miami 2015


First Brickell Run Club of 2015, #RunningHundreds every tuesday!



Art Basel Miami 2014

My famous artist friend Ronald Sanchez is having his Art Expo <NoSubject>                             @ Jakmel Art Gallery. new address – 310 NW 24th street, Wynwood/Miami.

Here I share  a short video from the Gallery Opening last night!

I’ll be back at the gallery on Saturday. Enjoy it.

Michelob Ultra Ft. Lauderdale – 5k

Life in Color – Miami 2013

Last year, this was the gift I got from Santa. Life in Color is one of the best Raves I have ever been! This is just a short video from that night, I have at least 7 hours of footage from my GoPro. ( I guess I speak Portuguese when I’m drunk)

At Viscaya Museum & Gardens



One of my favorite places in Miami:  Viscaya Musem & Gardens.

GoPro and Headstands

I do not do Yoga. I just wanted to do headstands. It started as a joke where I could keep my legs up for less than a second just to get a photo. I did learn how to do it right and keep my legs up way longer than a minute! 1headstand collage

Mercedes Benz Corporate Run 2014


One of the biggest races I have been deserves one AokiJump at the finish line. I was too happy! From Bayfront Park, passing by Brickell and finishing around Downtown Miami. Video coming soon!

finishline 8 finishline1

Friday Unicorn






This poem was found online : http://www.angelfire.com/ak3/DoYouBelieve/poems.html


The Last Unicorn

Soft tendrils of a silver mane,

Brilliant blue eyes,

glistening like rain.

A touch of the softest of white,

A wonderous coat, shining so bright.

A spiraling horn, entwined with gold,

A gentle being that shall never grow old.

She prances within a moonlit glade,

Then among the tiny sprites she lay.

The purest of souls this being owns,

Always understands, never condones.

A heart so gentle, a love so strong,

She is one who will never go wrong.

A creature of hope, a heavenly sight,

This beast, this pure being of light.

She is the one with the golden horn,

She is the very last unicorn. –Krista Knutson