Croquetas & Champagne SOBEWFF2016

Thanks to , I could attend SOBEWFF once again and this year, the event was serving one of my favorites ‘latin food’ very popular in Miami: Croquetas – with a side of champagne, the 3 hour event was something…                                                          I will stop talking so you can watch some highlights of that lovely Saturday night at the Paradise Plaza, Palm Court / Midtown.


2 thoughts on “Croquetas & Champagne SOBEWFF2016

    1. Hello June. my stomach is a bit small so I had to choose my favorite flavors to eat first. It was not ridiculously packed, it was full but not overwhelming, I did tried as many croquetas as I could, most of it was a small bite- size and the deserts were incredibly delicious I had several fans, they also had sweet croquetas with guava I think. Anyways, I recommend 100% it was very nice event, specially the location, I loved it. I hope to attend this year again!
      Happy 2017!


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