Publix A1A Half-Marathon

Once again, decided to run last minute and finished  happy! 2 days after turning 35, I ran my 3rd half marathon, 2nd time at A1A. What a blast!


3 thoughts on “Publix A1A Half-Marathon

    1. Thank you!! Do you live in florida? I really recommend. the race has one of the most beautiful views you can find in south florida. Temperatures might be a bit low but still great weather guaranteed. They are very organized, the medal is very generous in size. they also have live band and lots of food and beer after you cross the finish line. The only race I know that has a “beer station” in one of the water stations one the way to the finish. I am editing a video from this year’s race but I do have a video ready to be watched from 2015, available on my youtube and I also posted on my blog for sure 😀


      1. Thanks for the great information! I will be putting this on my to run list. I am from Wisconsin so it will be an enjoyment trip. I will be in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow, love that part of the country.

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