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GoPro and Water Ballons

Who said Summer is over?




GoPro and Headstands

I do not do Yoga. I just wanted to do headstands. It started as a joke where I could keep my legs up for less than a second just to get a photo. I did learn how to do it right and keep my legs up way longer than a minute! 1headstand collage

Corporate Run 2014 video

Mercedes Benz Corporate Run 2014


One of the biggest races I have been deserves one AokiJump at the finish line. I was too happy! From Bayfront Park, passing by Brickell and finishing around Downtown Miami. Video coming soon!

finishline 8 finishline1

Remember Betty #Project15

Abouth a month ago, my friend Maricel request my help to be part of a surprise project. I said yes without thinking twice and we started to work! The surprise was for Danny Wood in memory of his mother’s passing 15 years ago.

See the full project  —->

Maricel and I have a special video about this project. We had the #IRUNArmy special help to make this project happen and here is our final work. Thank you all the participants.

Empowering our Youth – Stop Bully

My friend Joey Eida’s Campaign is to raise funds associated with the cost of publishing a book that will Empower Youth! You can donate and help! Find all the info about this amazing idea on:


The Art of Running

Meet my friend Ronald Sanchez  (Artist and Runner)



Chicago Diabetes Fundraiser held at MCycle with Doctor Dribble

Friday, September 5th, I was honored to attended this amazing event at MCycleGym located in South Miami, invited by Magda Lopez and Darren Weissman A.K.A Doctor Dribble.

You can read about that Friday afternoon experience:

@Revete –

@DoctorDribble :

Video will be on the next post!


Dogs and GoPro

GoPro at Wedding Party

September last year (2013)  I went to Brazil for my brother’s wedding. Of course I took my GoPro attached to a Quikpod to the ceremony in the church and for the party after.

Here is one of the videos I edited from that night, taking over the stage to sing and dance with the band.

Direct from Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, Brazil —- Banda Landau 69  playing cover of Smash Mouth All Star –Enjoy it!

Friday Unicorn






This poem was found online :


The Last Unicorn

Soft tendrils of a silver mane,

Brilliant blue eyes,

glistening like rain.

A touch of the softest of white,

A wonderous coat, shining so bright.

A spiraling horn, entwined with gold,

A gentle being that shall never grow old.

She prances within a moonlit glade,

Then among the tiny sprites she lay.

The purest of souls this being owns,

Always understands, never condones.

A heart so gentle, a love so strong,

She is one who will never go wrong.

A creature of hope, a heavenly sight,

This beast, this pure being of light.

She is the one with the golden horn,

She is the very last unicorn. –Krista Knutson

Floatopia Miami – South Beach

Floatopia Miami is a unique event that takes place in Miami Beach a couple times a year. The title “Floatopia” describes the main activity the event is known for—floating on rafts and other home-made or store bought floating devices along the coast and partying on the beach. — please watch the video!

Running at Brickell Run Club

 Brickell Run Club
Brickell Run Club

The Harlem Shake after South Beach Run Club

Video made with FLIP camera and GoPro. Enjoy it